Employee Stats

  • Position at J&J:  Assistant Estimator
  • Years with J&J:  9 Years

3 Things About Me

  1. Although I work behind the screen of a computer I’m pretty savvy when it comes to working on vehicles. I have actually successfully “built” my own engine.
  2. I’ve been married since 2017, I have 1 daughter that is 2 years old, a Miniature Schnauzer (can’t forget about the puppy, it’s part of the family) and have another baby on the way due at the end of this year.
  3. I love anything having to do with the outdoors, such as hiking. It is one of the best medicines out there.

What I Like About Working at J & J Acoustics

The culture that J&J has established is one of the main reasons I came here and why I am still here.

J&J recognizes and acknowledges the value you bring to the company. They do not treat you like you’re just a “number” as long as you apply yourself in what you are doing and set some short & long term goals anything is possible.