Congratulations, Osvaldo Gonzalez, on your promotion to Superintendent!

Please join the J&J Acoustics family in welcoming Osvaldo Gonzalez as our new superintendent! Osvaldo has been with us at J&J for over 21 years. Beginning as a laborer, he quickly moved up the ranks, becoming a journeyman, and eventually a general foreman.

Osvaldo has proven at each step of his career that he is more than capable of overcoming the challenges laid before him. Whether it’s helping stocker-scrappers who are new to the industry, or overseeing entire teams of seasoned journeymen, the knowledge that Osvaldo brings with him to each job is invaluable. We here at J&J are delighted to see how he thrives in his new role!

Since starting at J&J, Osvaldo has been a consummate professional, dedicating his time to improving our company as well as helping the newer generation learn the trade. In addition to being an essential part of our team, Osvaldo is also a father of 5 great kids. He likes to spend his time away from work with his loved ones, traveling or doing his favorite outdoor activities.

At J&J we like to reward hard work and dedication, and Osvaldo has consistently exceeded our expectations. We know he will do fantastic in his new role as Superintendent, and we hope that you will join us wishing him congratulations!