Employee Stats

  1. Position at J&J:  Drywall/Framing Lead
  2. Years with J&J Acoustics: 4 years

3 Things About Me

  1. Personal: I was born in 1994 in Honduras, I was raised by my grandparents. My mom left the country due to a terrible hurricane that left us homeless, unfortunately, she had no choice but to immigrate to the US. I came here when I was 11 and went to school, I’ll be honest though I never like it. I started hanging drywall at a very young age. In 2018 I joined J&J Acoustics and honestly, it was the best decision I made.
  2. Family: I met my wife Patricia in 2018 after 3 years of knowing each other. We planned to have a baby and it didn’t take long on November 3, 2021, my first son Noah Elvir was born and I can’t regret anything it sure was the best thing that ever happen to me.No matter how bad my day went when I look at him smiling everything inside me just changes. We both want a big family, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take long for the next one to join us.
  3. Hobbies: I play soccer a lot but since I moved out of town is difficult to make it to the games. I also used to spend the majority of my time playing video games. I have my social media channels feel free to drop a like or haha. I am building my own computer/pc now. I like to keep my mind busy by developing software.  I like putting stuff together, it’s probably why I like what I do at my job but there have been some changes lately now that I bought my house. I spend a lot of time upgrading it and of course making time for my baby as well as for me. My family goes first and they are more important than anything.

What I Like About Working at J & J Acoustics

I started here as a first-period apprentice we all know how that feels it is quite difficult and confusing if you don’t know what’s going on. Luckily since day one Angel Medina took his time to teach me everything he knows and I keep learning from him every day. I owe this man a lot and J&J for taking me in, the respect from the office and field is great. All the foremen I have worked with are good leaders with excellent experience I try to learn the most I can from them.

I said before I like putting stuff together and J&J Acoustics has given me the opportunity to build and to get into blueprints, to know what’s the job it’s all about it is something that motivates me to keep learning.

The support from the office is great I feel comfortable knowing that they’ll have your back and the answers to any questions.

I love my job and I’m happy to be part of the J&J Team.