Employee Stats

  • Position at J&J: Purchasing/ Project Engineer
  • Years with J&J:  4 Years

3 Things About Me

  1. Born and raised in Peru, then, migrated to the USA – CA in 2004. I’ve worked in multiple industries and positions. Until a close friend -RC- introduced me to the opportunity to work for this great company & new trade for my job career. That is how I grew more and will keep growing in versatility. At the end of the day, I love to get the job done. This follows a favorite phrase, “Hard work pays off”.
  2. I have family members throughout different cities, states, and countries. We keep in contact and interact when possible. Yet, about 4-months ago my partner and I added a family member –our dawg (dog) named Tesla.
  3. I have multiple hobbies, but to mention a few are: Traveling, attending concerts/sport-games, performing high-adrenaline activities, camping, playing soccer-futbol, and finding time to enjoy the above.

What I Like About Working at J & J Acoustics

Personally, there are many reasons to work at J&J.

First is the freedom to grow and expand your knowledge within J&J’s trade – company. Secondly, the way field employees & office employees all help/mentor each other in any way possible. Thirdly, how J&J’s CEO and upper management are readily available for any J&J-employee’s aid. Lastly, how J&J makes tough decisions in order to keep moving forward and continue its legacy that was established in 1977.

This is why J&J Acoustics Inc. makes you feel part of a Family.