Project Details:

Date: November, 2017
Client: Nvidia
Project Type: Commercial Core & Shell, Tenant Improvement
Contractor: Devcon Construction

The 500,000 square foot NVidia Building houses 5000 employees across three floors. The building consist primarily of open office cubicle space, 2 dozen large conference rooms, 70 or so meeting rooms to accommodate smaller groups and many open space meeting areas throughout the expansive three floors. The space also features elaborate production volumes with intricate sloping drywall facades and sharp geometry.

The building’s unusual triangular design is meant to represent the fundamental building block of computer graphics.  The roof contains 265 triangular skylights, the location and total number of skylights were designed to ensure employees have the perfect amount of natural light.

The NVidia project presented many challenges for all aspects of our trade including framing, drywall, taping, insulation, and lath / plaster.  The complex shapes that were created using drywall and metal stud framing, had both a high degree of difficulty for construction and accuracy, as well as challenges in actually accessing the work.

We had to work very closely with the construction team to come up with ways to access the work and keep the other scheduled critical work activities flowing and on track at the same time. It truly was a collaborative effort to make the project a huge success for all.  J&J was contracted to design the framing scope of the work. We took a very active role in early trouble shooting and implementing of design solutions to provide a high level finish product to the client. We are very proud of our team and our accomplishment on this unprecedented project.